About me



I have been an amateur photographer for 15 years and a professional since 2015.
Since I was a child, and later, as a farmer of organic produce – in the 1970’s and in the 1980’s – I have always been watching Nature with a high interest.

My leisures, as a naturalist close to organizations such as COA, CORA, LPO and FRAPNA have allowed me to better comprehend and respect ecological systems.
With the help of my binoculars, then of a telescope, I have made my first pictures in entry system. Later, I acquired Nikon photographic material.
I have always been fascinated by the world that surrounds us, my gaze always being attracted by the slightest movement, variation of colours, by the multiple facets of life.

My attention is always caught here by a bird, there by a butterfly, a blade of grass, a wild flower, a chapel, a blanket of fog, or storm clouds.

My innate curiosity has prompted me to go from places as diverse as the region Auvergne-Rhône Alpes, to the whole of France, but also to travel abroad – in countries such as Romania, Iceland, and other countries, from which I regularly bring back snapshots, all of which represent as many ephemeral visions and fleeting moments.

My core principle is that one only needs to know when to pause, to listen and anticipate a gesture, a sign, a movement, while taking one’s time and being absolutely discreete : here is where life lies, for the one who is able to appreciate it.

My work is the reflection of an eclectic approach of the wildlife, the flora, of landscapes, for detail as well for the whole picture. To achieve that goal, I use camera lenses ranging from 600mm to wide angle.

From some of my pictures, I like to recreate peculiar worlds, thereby turning Nature into pictorial works of art; here, matter becomes silky, velvety weaving,  volume and  perspective, thus inviting the viewer into a whole new  universe where the line between real and imaginary is blurred.